Video Poker

Video poker is often considered to be one of the most fun and easy games out there. Requiring little more skill than regular poker, it is a firm favourite among online casino lovers worldwide.

With many of our online casinos now offering the option of video poker, read on if you are interested in giving it a go but aren’t sure of the what to do or where to find it – here, you will find everything you need to know about video poker!

History of Video Poker

Video poker came to light in the md 1970s, but it was initially not received well by many casino companies as they weren’t keen on branching out with a brand new version of poker.

However, once video poker actually became launched, it became one of the most popular additions to casinos by 1981. The earliest version of video poker was known as ‘Draw Poker’, and involved the lowest hand possible of two pairs. Nowadays, video poker has expanded hugely, with continuous new and exciting variations being created for players’ enjoyment, including Strike Poker and Spin Poker.

Video Poker steps and rules

For regular video poker, the rules are very straightforward (which is probably why it is so popular with such a wide range of players!).

But we understand that, if you have never played video poker before, rules need to be explained before you can truly have the best gaming experience possible! That is why here, we have compiled all the necessary rules and steps involved in this game, so you can be on your way to playing quicker than ever.

  • The majority of standard video poker games involve a regular 52-card deck.
  • Once the player has made their wager and selected the ‘deal’ button to begin, the game will randomly assign the player with five cards from the deck.
  • Once they have looked at their cards, the player can then choose which cards to keep and throw away.
  • One decided, the game will then replace any thrown-away cards with more randomly selected cards from the original deck.
  • At the end, the player will be paid according to the value of their poker hand.

Video Poker variations

As with the majority of classic casino games, video poker has a lot of different variations. We think this is great to see as it gives players the option to experience a lot of different types of the game, allowing them to choose a favourite without getting bored!Some of the most popular variations of video poker include:

  • Jacks or Better – perhaps the most common version for new players.
  • Double Bonus – Nearly as popular as Jacks or Better, Double Bonus offers two payouts that are four of a kinds.
  • Deuces Wild – All cards that have a value of two are wild.
  • Deuces and Joker – Played with a 53-card deck as opposed to the standard 52, Deuces and Joker is one of the only versions where there is a payout higher than a royal flush.