One of the most prominent ways to win huge amounts of money at an online casino, progressive slots never go unnoticed. Often boasting jackpots in the region of millions, progressive slots are a firm favourite among many players who want to try their luck winning big!
We are yet to see one of our online casinos that don’t have progressive slots, making them a very popular addition. Admittedly jackpots will vary dependent on the slot and particular casino but, as there are so many online Canadian casinos to choose from nowadays, you are guaranteed to find one that has an awe-inspiring jackpot just waiting to be won!

History of progressive slot

The online progressive slots we see today originated in the early 1980. The first progressive slots were rarely ‘stand-alone’, and were part of a network of linked slot machines that used to contribute to the huge jackpot at the end.
This was primarily done because progressive slots were perhaps not as popular back then as they are now, so if slots had individual jackpots, they may not have reached the astronomical amounts we are used to seeing today.
As the industry of online casinos has boomed, progressive slots aren’t the only progressive jackpot games that are out there on the market – progressive versions of casino classics such as Poker are now frequently available too.

Progressive slot steps and rule

The basic concept of progressive slots is very straightforward and known to the majority of online casino lovers. But, if you aren’t sure, then read on!
Progressive slots will always start with a base monetary level, and will rise from there. The jackpot will rise in proportion to how much money is played in it, and will continue to increase until someone lucky wins the entire jackpot! The slot will then return to its base value, and start rising again.
Essentially, the more people that play on the slot (and the more money they play with), the higher the jackpot will rise until it is won!
The amount of money that each progressive slot will offer entirely depends on the slot itself and the specific casino, but the majority of jackpots are huge. Progressive slots are very easy to spot when you first enter an online casino; make sure to look out for very high monetary amounts (often in the millions!) being advertised, often with a rolling number meter that is increasing as the jackpot goes up.
Progressive slot variations
Whilst all progressive jackpots have the same basic concept, there are still a few variations that you should look out for when trying out one of our casinos:

  • Stand-alone slot – not linked to any other slots, and has its own individual jackpot.
  • In-house slot – these slots are all part of a group, with a linked jackpot. These jackpots are often higher than stand-alone slots, and are considered to be the most frequently won by players.
  • Wide area progressive slot – these are slots that come from different casinos, but are still linked. Due to the increased variety of slots within this group, it is these progressive slots that tend to have the jackpots in the millions.